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The Importance of Being Involved in Your Community

CommunityWe hear it all the time that community involvement is important to be successful in life. It helps you connect with others, it improves lives and strengthens communities but most important is the intangible benefits of pride, satisfaction and accomplishment.  It warms your heart in knowing you are giving back. I am involved in various community events, as is our Firm, and I am also on several committees and Boards.

I take care in deciding whether or not to participate on a certain committee or Board so that I am not just saying yes to add the Organization to my list of involvement but rather I make sure it is something I am passionate about and one that I plan to be fully committed to and participate in.

At Packer Thomas, we really stress the importance of community involvement with all of our staff and Principals. This is evidenced by our Facebook page which reveals pictures of our community events. I am happy to join in on the fun and participate in the preparation. I gladly bring my family to support the event and have them share in the feeling of giving back. (Although at their young age they do not quite get it yet but one day they will). A lot of times they ask why we are attending a certain event and I explain to them that it is to help other people.

Sometimes I wish I could see things through my children’s eyes. They do not understand how many people in the world do need help. It is endearing and sometimes funny the comments they make about what I do and the volunteer time I spend. One time I was explaining that I had to go to a Board meeting and in their young minds they thought I meant a “Bored” meeting. Their follow up question was priceless…”But Mommy why would you want to go to a meeting to be BORED?”

I truly enjoy what I do and the fact that I volunteer to help others and Organizations follow their mission. I am very lucky that Packer Thomas understands the importance of giving back and being involved in our community because that allows me the opportunity to do so.

Nicole Ferraro